Economie, management en leadership

Research pole

Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management (RCDM)

Organizations (such as the military) that operate in crisis settings need to be able to adapt quickly to their complex, hostile and volatile environment. This is the focus of the Research Pole ‘Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management’ (RCDM). Recent work in this area focuses on:

  • Disaster management within a changing disaster landscape
  • The role of leadership style on the creation of learning organizations in deployed military units.
  • Adaptive command in extreme contexts
  • Crisis communication in public organizations
  • Organisational trauma

Research units


In the Research Units Economics, research is centralized around economic safety in the broad interpretation of the word. Some of the recent publications focus on

  • The backlash effect of military action and on the economics of terrorism.
  • The use of economics as both an instrument and a target of warfare.
  • The evolution of the economic dimensions of warfare, displaying the distinction between classic conventional warfare, irregular warfare and the contemporary shift towards hybrid and unconventional warfare.
  • The influence of groups and socio economic networks on public decision-making

POC: Prof. Dr Cindy Du Bois


The Research Unit Management focuses on how to introduce change and innovation in public organizations. Focus topics include:

  • The design of effective performance measurement systems in military & security organizations
  • Change management in the public sector
  • Open innovation in public sector organizations

POC: Prof. Dr Ir Jan Leysen