Research Unit Military Psychology

The research unit military psychology specializes in the use of quantitative methods within the realm of cognitive and behavioral sciences. It also developed an expertise in the domain of Human Factors engineering. There is, finally, a specific interest in topics related to health, well-being and performance of individuals and groups within a military context.

Poc: Maj Dr Salvatore Lo Bue

Research Unit Military Law

The research unit of Military Law covers a large variety of areas of current and past domestic and international law. The unit undertakes research in various domains. The legislations applicable to military personnel and military operations are the main area of interest regarding domestic law. Regarding international law, the research focuses on international criminal law, weapons law and the law of armed conflicts. A significant part of the research projects also covers historical aspects of military law, such as courts-martial during the World Wars.

Poc: Prof. Dr Stanislas Horvat, Prof. Dr Robert Gerits

Center for Military Social Research (CMSR)

This research unit has developed an expertise in the organizational analysis of Belgian and European military organizations and in surveys and market research around security and Defense issues, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, job satisfaction, organizational culture and image.

Our vision is to provide a creative approach and to develop social sciences solutions to the current challenges faced by military organizations, during training and operations both at home and abroad.

Our mission is to deliver research support, academic advice and technical expertise to the Belgian Defense both in preparing for and during the conduct of operations. The center aims to gather, assess and report on information that will enhance the organizational effectiveness of the Belgian Defense.

Poc: Prof. Dr Delphine Resteigne

Research Unit Military Ethics

The main objective of this research unit is to develop an expertise regarding the ethical aspects of the military practice and profession. The members of the research unit have a special interest in the Just War Theory. This is a normative ethical theory with a history of more than two millennia that offers moral guidance regarding the use of military force. Basically, moral reflection revolves around three questions:

  • When is it morally permissible to resort to military force? (jus ad bellum),
  • How should military actions be conducted? (jus in bello), and
  • How should we deal with the end and the aftermath of war? (jus post bellum).

A specific challenge in this regard is to explore to what extent this age-old theory can still provide us with an adequate moral framework for judging new technological, political, and military evolutions (e.g. drone warfare, autonomous weapons systems, Private Military Companies, targeted killing).

Poc: Prof. Dr Carl Ceulemans