Weapon systems and ballistics

Research units

Survivability and Risk Assessment

POC: Prof. Dr Ir Col Johan Gallant

Simulation models for the evaluation of survivability of combat systems in different scenarios are used to evaluate techniques and procedures. Innovative multi-resolution computations based upon Monte Carlo simulations are used.

Research interests include system-of-systems analysis, survivability, vulnerability, lethality, hit probability, kill probability, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Stochastic simulations, ray tracing (line of fire), CAD and 3D-visualisation.


Local Response to Impact

POC: LtCol. IMM Dr Ir Frederik Coghe

Ballistic optimization of personal protection against fragments, bullets and blast. Ballistic terminal effects both experimentally and numerically using finite element codes.

Research interests include personal protection, fragment resistance, bullet resistance, stab resistance, terminal ballistics, ballistic metrology, finite element models / finite elements analysis.


Human Body Response

POC: Maj Dr Ir Alexandre Papy

The effect of the impact of a less-lethal projectile on the human body is studied in order to ascertain the risk of permanent injury, after the use of less-lethal ammunition, on the basis of kinetic energy.

Research interests include non-lethal weapons, biomimetic models, musculoskeletal models, behind armour blunt trauma and wound ballistics.


Accredited ballistic applications laboratory

POC: Prof. Dr Ir Marc Pirlot

The laboratory hosts a 103.25m indoor shooting range. Research is conducted in the areas of internal ballistic, gun dynamics, external ballistics, terminal ballistics, vulnerability and lethal/non-lethal ballistics.

The laboratory is uniquely accredited for the measurement of pressures inside the weapon (C.I.P., SAAMI and NATO standards) and for the measurement of velocities outside but also inside the weapon.

The laboratory is further equipped with a high speed thermal camera, a high speed camera, a Volumetric scanner Faro®, a 3D scanner Krypton®, a Projectile Orientation Measurement (POM) device, a Digital Image Correlation System (VIC-3D ®), Hopkinson pressure bar, velocity radars, velocity screens, shadowgraphs/Schlieren, ...