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Chair of sociology (SSOC)

Welcome to the chair of sociology.

In addition to providing the basics of the discipline, the chair also introduces students to various specialized branches of sociology, such as the sociology of work and political sociology. But what makes the specificity of the chair is its teaching of the sociology of military organizations; it is indeed the only among the various Belgian universities to teach this specialized branch of the sociology of organizations.

As far as research is concerned, the chair of sociology has developed an expertise in the organizational analysis of Belgian and European armed forces and in surveys and market research around, among others, security and defense issues, HRM (recruitment, job satisfaction, organizational culture , image), the profile and motivations of students of the Royal Military Academy as well as of the foreign students studying at the Academy.

Over the years, the chair has carried out a body of research both for the different services of the Belgian armed forces and for civilian institutions.

Philippe Manigart

Ordinary Professor

Head of the chair SSOC