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Chair of philosophy (FILO)

Welcome to the chair of philosophy.

During the different courses, taught at this chair, the students are not only offered specific philosophical knowledge and skills. They receive also a lot of intellectual baggage, which will help them throughout their further training and later function as an officer.

Military ethics, Logics and Citizenship are the bulk of the taught courses. Military ethics makes us reflect about the legitimacy of violence and war. How can violence at all be just? How can I maintain myself as a human being amidst the violence (of war)? These are the questions that recur regularly and which are treated extensively during the lessons.

The lectures Logics and argumentation teach the students, besides an introduction to formal logic, also how to dismantle a (false) reasoning used in everyday speech. To argue correctly and to expose fallacies are, for an officer, after all crucial properties.

Citizenship builds a bridge to the political world. Fundamental ideas, such as state, democracy, rights & duties …are being clarified, but always from a philosophical viewpoint. Students who chose, in a further stage (Ma), for the module behavioral sciences, they can go into social philosophy. During this course, the relation between philosophy and society is further studied.

This short overview shows that philosophy is not an unworldly discipline, but it is always in relation to social changes. Characteristic though, for the philosophical vision, is the continuous critical look at these evolutions.

Carl Ceulemans


Head of the chair FILO