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RMA Commandant’s Recommended Reading List

The speed of change of the contemporary societies demands lifelong learning of all citizens and certainly of their leaders to acknowledge and tackle the existing and coming challenges, define and manage necessary changes and create a better world.

Reading is an essential element in the professional and cultural development of all leaders.  As military leaders, we are confronted with operations in a complex strategic environment which requires from each of us to improve our knowledge and understanding of not only military affairs, but also economics, politics, and international affairs.

We should constantly seek to improve through reading and critical thinking about our profession and its interaction with the world at large.

These recommended readings are intended to encourage/stimulate you to deepen your understanding of the history of armies, the critical role of leadership, and the strategic environment of today and the future. The list is conceived to complement formal educational material and assist you in your professional development as an officer and a leader.

I challenge every one of you to tackle these books and improve your power of critical thinking and enhance your understanding of yourself and your military profession.

Major General Air Force Lutgardis CLAES ir.

Commandant of the Royal Military Academy





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