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Mission statement

The Royal Military Academy is a military institution of higher education in charge of the academic, military and physical training of the officers of the Armed Forces.

We want

- to train officers who are able to lead in varied, complex, high technological and exceptional circumstances, at the service of the national and international community;

- to continuously link our training to the needs of the Armed Forces;

- to integrate the values of our society into the Armed Forces and to radiate the values of the Armed Forces into our society.

We do this by

- the development of the whole personality of the officer through a multidisciplinary and integrated training;

- an adequate organization and modern tuition;

- a close collaboration with other organisms within and outside the Armed Forces;

- scientifically applied research with particular attention to defense and security;

- a clear transparency and setting at the disposal of the Armed Forces, the national and international community of our trainings, means and expertise.

We believe

- in values as the sense of honor, self-discipline, commitment, courage and respect;

- in the importance of a university level for our training;

- in the importance of the development of the sense of initiative and responsibility of our officers, of their loyalty, solidarity and integrity.

The motto of the Academy reminds all of our members to the ultimate goal of the education i.e. committing oneself at the service of the fatherland and its King, by pursuing honour and justice.

Rege duce pro jure et honore

» The Brabançonne (Belgian anthem)

» March of the Royal Military Academy