Seminar on Transatlantic

Defense Partnership

21st June 2017, Brussels



Royal Military Academy

Co-organized by the Royal Military Academy and EPS.

This  seminar (10.30 - 16.30 Hr) aims at nurturing transatlantic dialogue by crossing American and European perspectives to identify stakes, challenges and opportunities after the elections in major NATO countries in 2016 and 2017. It will discuss defense efforts and capability stakes.



Seminar venue

11.00 Hr


11.30 Hr


Peter Chase, German Marshall Fund

12.15 Hr


13.30 Hr

Panel 1 “Why do we invest on military expenditures?”

Tomáš Valášek, Carnegie Europe

Edward Hunter Christie, NATO

Binyam Salomon, Royal Military College of Canada

14.45 Hr

Coffee break

15.15 Hr

Panel 2 “What future for the defense industrial base?”

Ethan Corbin, NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Eugene Gholz, University of Texas

Renaud Bellais, Airbus and ENSTA Bretagne

16.30 Hr

Debate & wrap-up

17.00 Hr

Drink reception