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Research group Risk, Crisis and Disaster Mangement (RCDM)

Welcome to the research group Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (RCDM).


Over the past years, it has become very clear that our society in being exposed to different types of disasters having an ever increasing impact. Therefore, the research group RCDM performs scientific research in risks, organisational crises and disaster management. The research fits the specific education at the Royal Military academy for the purpose of Defence and society.


Within the research Group, the following activities are developed :

- Performing fundamental and applied research;

- Realise customer-oriented services;

- Carrying out consulting interventions.


The research team emphasises an interdisciplinary approach paying attention to the entire Crisis Life Cycle and taking into account managerial, sociological, psychological, Legal, economical and philosophical, communicational and leadership aspects.


The research Group cooperates with universities in Belgium and abroad and with authorities in the private and public sector.