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Commander Gade

Captain Gade in 1917 was assigned as an assistant Naval Attache in Oslo, Norway. Later that same year, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Naval Attache Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1919 he entered diplomatic service as State Department representative in the Baltic countries. In August 1933 Captain Gade opened the office of Naval Attache in Brussels, and was the Naval Attache until he closed the office in October 1937. He was not on active duty during his posting as Attache. In 1938 Captain Gade returned to Active Service until his retirement in 1940.

In addition to his association with the “Sword of the King“, Captain Gade established a prize for the Belgian Air Force in 1949. This prize was given last in 1979.

Captain Gade received the Navy Cross for service in World War I.

Born: Cambridge Massachusetts 10 February 1875

Died: St James, Long Island, New York 16 August 1955


B.S. Harvard 1896

M.A. Columbia 1948

PH.D. Columbia 1950


Practiced architecture in New York for many years and was a member of the banking firm of White, Weld 6 Co.

In 1916 Captain Gade was appointed as a member of the Commission of Relief for Belgium.