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Politique mondiale - Coopération avec Collège Vesalius

Depuis le mois d'août 2010, la chaire de Politique mondiale collabore avec le Collège Vesalius dans le cadre du "European Peace and Security Studies Programme" (EPSS). Dans ce programme semestriel, la chaire WP donne le cours “Military Approaches to Security”.

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Military Approaches to Security

This specialization course provides an in-depth analysis of core actors, key dimensions and approaches to promoting security through military means. Particular emphasis will be placed on the so-called ‘comprehensive approach’. The course provides a conceptual and theoretical introduction to Military Security by focusing on the concept of threat, risk, security and conflict and their evolution. This course explores the changing nature of war and the complexity of today’s conflicts. Then the course introduces students to the (possible) role of the military related to ‘Hard’ security issues such as Deterrence, Arms Control and Disarmament; Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Small Arms & Light Weapons; Failed States; Terrorism and Counterterrorism; Human and man-made disasters. The influences of the privatization of international security and the evolution of military equipment on the role of the military are approached. Finally, students will be introduced to the place of the military in Crisis Management by presenting the main approaches to Peace Support Operations and Military Crisis Management in the UN, EU and NATO frame-works; the Comprehensive Approach; and the State building.

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