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Alain Muls

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Welcome to the website of the department of Communication, Information, Systems & Sensors (CISS) of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Royal Military Academy.

With the creation of the Department CISS in 2003, five individual chairs, all working in the broad field of the electromagnetic spectrum, were grouped for academic education and applied scientific research projects. A key element for the restructuring within a single department is the concentration of the available knowledge and the subsequent cross fertilisation between academic and research personnel.

Our Mission Statement

The Department of Communication, Information, Systems & Sensors wants to be a Center of Excellence

for education and research within the Royal Military Academy

in the acquisition, processing, transfer and decision technologies

in order to serve both the Defense and the Society.


We do so by processing and analysing the whole acquisition chain

from sensor over signal to image until

the decision process based on fusion of data.


To achieve this overall goal, several underlying objectives need to be set and consequently achieved:


We believe in the importance of :