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Ballistics Day 26 January 2018

08.30 Hr 09.00 Hr 09.20 Hr 10.20 Hr Registration Introduction Major-General Ir Lutgardis Claes, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Professor Dr. Ir Marc Pirlot, head of the department of weapon systems and ballistics Keynote address Lieutenant-General Ir Rudy Debaene, director material resources Break 12.00 Hr Closing remarks 12.15 Hr Standing lunch

Participation is free of charge and only possible upon invitation.

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09.50 Hr Ballistics education in the new academic program Lieutenant-colonel Johan Gallant, Dr. Ir 11.00 Hr Overview of the research activities at the department of weapon systems and ballistics Major Alexandre Papy, Dr. Ir 11.30 Hr Development of a new ballistic helmet project Major IMM Frederik Coghe, Dr. Ir 14.00 Hr Numerical simulations Possibility to attend a demo on finite element computer simulations for solving problems related to ballistics and weapon systems

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