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Ballistics Day 19 February 2016

Participation is free of charge and only possible upon invitation.

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“How ABAL supports ABL” 08.30 Hr 09.00 Hr 09.20 Hr 10.20 Hr Registration Introduction Major-General Jean-Paul Deconinck, Land Component Commander Professor Dr. Marc Pirlot, Head of the department of Weapon systems and ballistics Enhancing safety and security in an evolving world Major IMM Dr. Frederik Coghe, military associate professor Break 12.00 Hr Closing remarks 12.15 Hr Standing lunch 09.50 Hr NATO non-lethal technology exercise 2015 : a military utility assessment Dr. Cyril Robbe, researcher and part-time associate professor 11.00 Hr Using fluid dynamics for simulating exterior ballistics phenomena Captain Véronique de Briey, military teaching assistant 11.30 Hr Evaluation of a shooter’s performance and associated operational aspects Captain Elie Truyen, military teaching assistant